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Like Star Trek? What about the LCARS Computer? If you do, then here's a page you might like. Over the past year I've been working on, with help from tons of people, a realistic LCARS app.

After a few months, it soon became clear that one app would not suffice or do much to impact the Star Trek franchise at all. So, I'm working on an entire LCARS Suite.

Now in version 5, the latest update has been released.

There's been a few delays, setbacks and changes to the program over the last few months. In lieu of that, I decided to release some new screenshots (RAR archive download below). I've also had more time to add new features as well as improve old ones (details in the readme  (below)).

Scroll down to the file cabinet below to download, or view files. I'd recommend hitting "view" on the PDF files, since it'll load in Google Reader in your web browser which seems faster than Adobe Acrobat.
Preview Image
The VoiceCommand feature has been delayed as a post release update. This is due to recovering from previous delays and to prevent further ones.

There's also a planned release of a touchscreen version since a number of you have them.

Eleanor Denver

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